Modular Man Camps – Workforce housing units

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Buy the best most comfortable housing units available. Make it like HOME and your worker & Customers will keep coming back for a great night sleep.

Man Camp Trailer houses – Remote Man Camp Housing Units
‎what is a man camp trailer house?

Mobile and Modular Oilfield Homes and Offices. Built to withstand the harsh terrain of the remote oilfield. Built to move from site to site with reinforce frames and tougher design. Man camp trailer houses can make a huge difference in the success or failure of your energy sector investments. With well rested and happy employees they are safer & more productive everyday.
Many Floorplans Avail

Oil Field Housing, Man Camp, Temporary Housing – Logistics

How can you get the homes to our remote well site location?

Our transport services reach far and wide. We are used to installing man camp homes in remote work-site locations all over the place. Don’t worry about us. We will inspect the property before shipping and insure a smooth operation. We can help with all aspects of the mancamp development as well if you need base pads, fencing, driveways, electrical install plumbing etc.

Providing temporary oil field housing (so-called man camps) in North Dakota, Texas and Mexico and beyond

Oil Field Housing and Man Camps – Factory Direct

We are a factory direct dealer. There is a shortage of housing available due to oilfield & gas exploration overpopulation, and many oil field workers are forced to live in their cars, sleep in parking lots and anywhere they can find shelter. Our man-camp homes are ready to go from the factory. As they roll of the manufacturing line we can ship direct to the locations saving even more in shipping and time.

Man Camp Homes | Builders

We provide man camp houses from various builders. The exrteme need for speed has made it necessary for us to have several sources for the housing units we prefer. The homes are built to our/your specs at whatever factory we can insure to meet our deadlines. provides quality man camp and oilfield housing. We offer a number of styles and floor-plans and can custom build to meet your needs.